A winning combination of qualified and experienced engineers backed by computer-controlled quality control systems

Markets are becoming increasingly demanding with respect to quality standards, delivery deadlines and product variety. SHL offers a wide range of solutions to suit any and every application, thanks to our experienced team of manufacturing engineers who boast a wealth of expertise, backed by a comprehensive data management system known as the Q-system.

 Our Facilities

Gravure printing and coating machine: 5 units(4 x PTP, 1 x general-purpose) — all fitted with surface inspection devices
Slitter machine: 9 units(6 x PTP, 3 x general-purpose)
Cutting machine: 1 unit
Digital inkjet printer: 1 unit
Roll winder/inspection machine: 2 units(one with post-printing capability, one without)
Blister packaging machine: 1 unit(FBP-300E from CKD)

Coating machine
Slitter machine
Cutting machine
Digital inkjet printer
Roll winder/inspection machine
Roll winder/inspection machineRoll winder/inspection machine with post-printing capability
Blister packaging machine(for product development)
Inspection room
Development room
Automatic highrised warehouse