1903 Nakagawa Seikanjo founded in Yanagimachi, Toyama City, supplying cans to be used for the sale of medicine in Toyama (June 25)
Zenshiro Nakagawa serves as first president (June 1903 – August 1912)
1912 Zenjiro Nakagawa serves as second president (September 1912 – May 1916)
1916 Zenshiro Nakagawa resumes presidency following death of Zenjiro (June 1916 – August 1927)
1927 Shigejiro Nakagawa serves as third president (September 1927 – May 1983)
1933 Factory relocated to Shimo-okui in Toyama City
1941 Factory relocated to Okuda-honmachi in Toyama City
1951 Converted to joint-stock company with capitalization of 1 million yen; name changes to Nakagawa Press Kogyo
1976 New factory built at Iino in Toyama City; name changes to Shohoku Laminate Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Capitalization increased to 20 million yen
Aluminum foil processing line launched, with technical assistance from Showa Aluminum Co.,Ltd.
(dry laminator, PTP printing coating machine, SL machine)
1983 Koichi Nakagawa serves as fourth president (May 1983 – May 2007)
1987 New dry laminator added (C-3)
New SL machine added (S-3)
1992 New floating coater added (C-4)
New SL machines added (S-2, S-4)
Direct investment from Showa Aluminum Co.,Ltd.
Capitalization increased to 30 million yen
1995 Can production ceases and is replaced with 100% outsourcing
2000 Capitalization increased to 35 million yen
2003 New dry laminator added (C-5)
New hot melt and SL machine added (S-5)
Factory upgraded to boost cleanliness rating
100 year anniversary
2007 Yusuke Nakagawa serves as fifth president (May 2007 – present)
2010 New factory built, new SL machine added (S-6)
Flash Patri tester purchased
2011 New floating coater added (C-6)
New SL machines added (S-7, S-8)
New roll winder added (RW-2)
Tokyo and Osaka offices open
2012 Capitalization increased to 42 million yen
2013 Second factory completed; Head Office Sales Division (Toyama Office) relocates there
New floating coater (C-7) and SL machine (S-9) added
2015 Mukai-shinjo Office opens
CKD300E installed
Capitalization increased to 63 million yen
2017 Phoenix Building completed
New floating coater added (C-8)
2018 New cutting machine added (XC-1)
New post-print compatible roll winder and inspection machine added (RW-3)
New digital inkjet printer added (DP-1)
In 1941
In 1976